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I started writing this blog mainly for myself once Charlotte was finally home from hospital. It was as if I had been on high alert, with such an important job to do while she was in hospital in terms of learning about all of these new words I was hearing, being the strong one for my entire family and navigating both of my daughters through this frightening and confusing experience. I had been filled with so much to do whilst in hospital, teaching Charlotte who I was, who her family was, to speak, to walk, to eat, to use the toilet etc. that once she was well enough to go home and I was able to actually start to reflect on the past few months I found that so much had happened, so much had changed, there were so many questions and so many traumatic things I had seen that I felt compelled to write about it, to put everything into some sort of order in the hopes that it would start to make some sort of sense and so that I could at least try to stop myself falling into a tailspin when I ne…

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