Happy Easter!

Happy Easter, everyone!

Well here we are again. This week has been the 2nd anniversary of Charlotte's brain haemorrhage and strokes. I can't believe it's been 2 years already and as always, it's been an extremely reflective time. Last year, I thought we were just getting to the point where we had got used to what had happened and what it all meant but as I look back, I realise that we're nowhere near that point. April 2013 to April 2014 has been a year of more changes, more things to learn very quickly, more decisions to be made and much, much more growing to be done but we've done it as we do everything; together.

We've had so much to deal with that I want to write about some of them in their own posts such as dealing with Charlotte needing to use a wheelchair, making the decision to move from mainstream school into a special needs school and getting to grips with your child losing their sight. I'm sure you can understand why these topics need some individual attention. On top of al of those issues, we've dealt with moving house 3 times, Charlotte's sister moving school, me starting a law degree, Charlotte's deterioration, trying to get to grips with what services are available and how to go about accessing them, navigating the prospect of home schooling as well as the usual trials and tribulations of life!

The thing I've learnt most over the last 12 months is to build on the knowledge that we can deal with anything that life throws at us and to further develop our understanding that you can't change some situations, you can't change people who may annoy you or their behaviour and you can't change some paths that your life will take but you can change your attitude towards them. The way you react to a problem, a person, a situation, can have enormous consequences to YOU. Not the situation, not the person and not the path that you're on. As angry as I am that this happened to Charlotte and as angry as I am on her behalf, being angry is not going to fix her. Being positive, being driven and being funny is what's helping to get us all through it and is even managing to help some other parents who read this blog or my newspaper column or who get in touch with me personally or through school etc. and this is what helps me through this situation.

I'll write again to cover some of the issues already mentioned as well as the ones that are bound to come up along the way so I hope you can continue to join us and help us spread the word about childhood stroke and acquired brain injury. x


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